WONDER.S introduces a revolutionary architecture fixture: an exclusive optical system consisting of two concentric zones, each featuring a different type of lenses. This new technology achieves an unprecedented result: the brightest most uniform wall wash ever seen. In traditional wash lights, in fact, when the beam is widened to illuminate a larger area, a darker spot is visible in the centre.

The exclusive optics of the WONDER.S however lets you balance the brightness of the entire beam with that of its centre, resulting in unparalleled evenly diffused luminosity.

You can also obtain stunning multicolour projections: WONDER.S LED board consists of four independent zones: a central one and a ring divided into three distinct sections.  Each of these four areas has individual control of luminosity, colours and effects: it’s like having four LED fixtures in one.


LED Technology


Optical group

  • 7 x 3.5° lenses; 42 x 8° lenses
  • 3.5°- 52° long excursion high-efficiency linear motorized zoom
  • 22,000 Lux / 5 m

Colour generation

  • 4 discrete LED areas; each area is independently controllable (luminosity, colours, effects)
  • 16 million colours each
  • Wide palette of pure uniform whites with variable linear colour temperature (2700 K - 8000 K)

Interface / Control / Programming

  • LCD graphic display + 4 soft-keys (control / management of the main parameters)
  • RDM
  • ARTNET ready
  • Wireless ready
  • Updatable internal operating system


  • 34 DMX channels

Pan & Tilt

  • Pan 540°: 2.5 sec.; Tilt 270°: 1.5 sec.
  • Tri-phase stepper motor technology for ultra-fast silent movements
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Selectable speed ranges
  • Pan / Tilt lock

Power supply

  • Electronic full-range AC 90-260 V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 850 W

Operating ambient temperature

  • -10° / 40°


  • 22 Kg