Space Light


Voltage: 220V or 110V
External Dim: 500 x 240 (mm)
Black Skirt Dim: 675 x 585 (mm)
Silk Skirt Dim: 545 x 430 (mm)

Target Dim: 570 (mm)
Lamp Type: 1000W 230V 3200K (P2/20) or
Lamp Type: 800W 230V 3200K (P2/11)
Lamp holder: R7s
Class 1, IP Rating 20

Max. Surface temp: 180°C
Max. Ambient temp: 45°C
Minimum Distance to Illuminated Object: 1.5m
Minimum Distance to Flammable Object: 0.5m

Weight (Lamphead): 5Kg
Weight (Housing with Black and Silk Skirt and Target): 10.4Kg