Sonata Compression Floor

Sonata Compression is a 6mm compressed foam performance floor. It provides an instant and discrete shock absorbing top layer to hard concrete floors. Sonata Compression is perfect for creating a temporary rehearsal space for dynamic floor work even in the harshest of environments.

The black and grey finishes complement both modern and historic buildings and provide a hard wearing surface suitable not only for dance but a whole range of community activities.

Sonata Compression is a perfect Vinyl Floor for Ballet as its properties allow dancers to go on pointe more easily, giving more protection to joints. The perfect floor for ballet would be Sonata Compression over once of our Wooden Sprung Floors.

Dynamic Compression floors have been used to create performance spaces in warehouses, exhibition halls, dance studios, university halls, village halls, schools, and even home studios.

Available in: Black (as shown) and Grey.