The High efficiency LED Plano Convex spotlight.


  • The use of a high efficiency and ultra-compact LED source, make this fixture really energy saving, giving the light output of 1 kW halogen lamp with only 200W. 
  • The extra-long life of the light source, more than 30.000 hours, compared with the 2.000 hours max life of the halogen lamps, reduces dramatically the maintenance cost. 
  • The direct dimming control in DMX or through local control panel avoids the need of an external dimmer and of a dedicated power line, reducing the installation cost. 
  • The possibility of having the warm white version and the cool white version make this family of luminaires suitable both for indoor (theatre and studio installation) and as auxiliary light source for outdoor shoots. 
  • The possibility of selecting 3 different PWM frequencies to drive the LED, avoids any flickering risk when used with TV cameras. 
  • The absence of IR and UV rays makes the luminaire safe in front of valuable products and improves the life of colour filters.
  • The light output of a 1000W halogen fixture with only 200W
  • Dimmable from 0 to 100% in DMX or through local control
  • Adjustable beam from 8° spot to 100° even flood.

Three different dimming curves are foreseen:

  • Normal: one typical of the LED sources,
  • Tungsten: that simulates the curve of the incandescent lamps when dimmed,
  • Linear: that makes the LED dimming similar to the one of the fluorescent tubes.

Available in three different colour temperatures:

  • Warm White
  • Natural White
  • Cool White

Dimensions (mm): 265 x 423 x 415

Weight: 9Kg