A Plano-Convex luminaire with a defined but not sharp edges MSD/MSR for external ballast. Wide adjustment of the light beam with defined but not sharp edges, suitable for both general and accent lighting of window displays, exhibition areas, hotels, museums and churches.


  • Power: 200/250W
  • Variable beam: 6.5°- 57°


  • Version ME/SBA for MSD/MSR metal-halide lamps.
  • For MSD/MSR metal-halide lamps - 200/250 W.
  • The MSD lamps have a very white and brilliant light source, similar to sunlight. The lighting efficiency is almost triple that of a normal lamp and the average life is 2000 hours.
  • These are most suited to accent lighting and also in areas with high ambient light level. The high light rendering and long life make them the “first choice” lamp for use wherever the quality of light is as important as the efficiency. For picture/TV applications, the MSR lamp at 5600 °K can be used on the same spots.


  • The ME version features an internal power supply (ballast) and can be directly connected to a line at 230 V.
  • The ME/SBA version requires an external power supply that can also be placed remotely from the luminaire.
  • Extruded aluminium and steel housing
  • Filter-frame locking system
  • Yoke with 10 mm diameter hole, reversible for use in any position
  • Heat insulated knobs and handles
  • Easy focus adjustment by sliding knob
  • Anti-scratch Epoxy resin paint (standard black)
  • 1.5 m power supply cable (plug available on request)
  • Standard 230 V or 24 V power supply (others on request)
  • Strain relief cable clamp
  • Access for lamp maintenance via removable top cover
  • 90 mm diameter Plano-convex lens
  • Spherical reflector of 99.99% polished and treated aluminium