MagicQ MQ40

Console that fits in a cabin bag.

The MagicQ MQ40 provides an immensely powerful complete control console in an ultra-compact size. It is ideal for easy transport and fitting into small spaces, and is the console of choice for controlling lighting, video and LED. The MagicQ MQ40 also makes an ideal "tech console" for testing lighting on stage or in the warehouse. The MagicQ MQ40 features an in-built touch screen with the same resolution as the MagicQ MQ100 consoles, but in a more compact size.


  • 4 Universes
  • Complete DMX Lighting Console
  • Fits Hand Luggage Restrictions
  • Quick and Easy to Program
  • Fully Featured Theatre Stacks
  • Fixture Morphing & Cloning
  • LED Pixel Mapping
  • Powerful PC/Mac Show Editor


Universes: 4
Channels: 2048
Number of fixtures: Up to 2048
Cues: 5000
Cue stacks: 2000
Palettes: 3096
Groups: 5000
Numbers of shows: Virtually unlimited

Encoders: 8
Rear panel USB ports: 4
Audio input (1 channel, 7 band): Yes
Desk lamp: 1, single colour
Dust cover: Optional extra

Power input: 110 to 240 VAC
Width: 525mm
Depth: 385mm
Height: 140mm
Weight: 6.5kg

Flightcased dimensions:
Width: 600mm
Depth: 520mm
Height: 240mm
Weight: 15kg