• 60-channel output, 3KW/6KW (optional) per channel
  • Network Dimmer Rack configured "Reporting” function
  • Professional quality filtering (300us)
  • Dual processor systems
  • MCB short-circuit protection and big power SCR
  • Opto-isolated signals input
  • Assisted ventilation by means of low-noise fans, regulated airflow and automatic stop, over-heat warning
  • 10-level channel preheating (0~10%)
  • 4 dimming laws
  • Configurable as dimmed outputs, switched outputs and pass through connectors on the basis of per channel
  • Store 10 cues, recall one specific lighting scene in case of emergency
  • Regulated outputs under 230V
  • Indication status for DMX signals and supply phases


  • Output Power: Max. 240KW
  • Input current: Max. 400A
  • MCB breaking capacity: 6KA
  • Power supply: 3NPE 400V 50HZ TN-S system
  • Supply voltage range: 230V±10%