Now conventional dimming capability is available in an unconventional package. The 2003D dimming module is a powerful, silent, compact, lightweight dimmer that attaches directly to conventional lighting fixtures - or almost anywhere - without the need of a dimmer rack.  
2003D provides silent, powerful dimming capability in places where traditional dimmers are impractical. And the module’s affordable price makes it a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications and budgets. 

2003D is equipped with MCB as standard and super SCR to provide overload and short-circuit protection. 
The equipment is natural cooling; each channel can be set as dimming or switching. Four dimmer laws, including Gently, Square, Linear and Normal law, may be assigned to each dimmer. The output using 3 pin 16A safety socket. 
Never before have lighting designers enjoyed this level of convenience and versatility when choosing dimmers. Simply put, 2003D is the smart dimming solution.

Main functions: 

  • Fully digital dimming, 2×3kW dimming output 
  • DMX512 input, opto-isolated protection 
  • LCD display  
  • 150μs Professional filter 
  • 10-level filaments preheating  
  • MCB overload and SCR protection against short-circuit 
  • Single-phase indicator and communication status LEDs 
  • Natural cooling 
  • 4 dimmer laws 
  • Each channel can be set as dimming or switching  


  • Electronic control: Fully digital, microprocessor; 
  • Rated power: dimmers work continuously rated power for 2 x 3 kW, The maximum power for 6 kW; 
  • Dimmers protection: miniature circuit breaker (maximum points MCB broken ability 6 kA) 
  • Control signal agreement: DMX512/1990 USITT 
  • Rate of rise150us 
  • Response time≤50ms  
  • Minimum load of each channel≥60 W 
  • Output voltage DC component: less than 1 V in the rated load range   
  • provides more freedom and flexibility 


  • Supply Voltage Range: 230V±10% 50HZ 
  • Rated Supply CurrentLN~ with PE 30A per phase at 230V 
  • Protection levelIP2X 
  • Dimensions (mm)280 (W) × 152 (H) × 87 (D) 
  • Net weight3Kg
  • Temperature0~40℃  
  • Humidity Rangeless than 90% when 25 ℃  
  • Pressure: the atmospheric pressure is less than 106 KP