MagicQ MQ80

MagicQ MQ80

The MagicQ MQ80 is an extremely powerful console in a small size, supporting 24 universes direct from the console. The ...

Magic MQ1000

MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium

High Specification console.

The MagicQ MQ1000 Stadium is a new control console from ChamSys designed to operate at the highest ...

2 Interface DMX

MagicQ Two Universe DMX

Connect DMX universes to MagicQ PC, MagicQ Mac and MagicQ consoles with MagicQ Two Universe DMX512 Interface. Connects via USB ...

MagicQ MQ 100 Expert

MagicQ MQ100 Pro-E

Powerful all in one console.

The MagicQ MQ100 Pro-E (formally known as the Expert) is the entry level console in ...

MagicQ Extra Wing Compact

MagicQ Extra Wing Compact

Console that fits in a cabin bag.

The Extra Wing Compact is designed to allow users of MagicQ to extend ...

Magic MQ40

MagicQ MQ40

Console that fits in a cabin bag.

The MagicQ MQ40 provides an immensely powerful complete control console in an ultra-compact ...